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A New Life A New Baby Girl

Mimosa Trees are perfect to greet the arrival of a new baby because they symbolize protection and love. This tropical tree is vase-shaped and grows extremely quickly. Their pom pom pink blossoms are gorgeous and add vibrancy to your landscape.

A New Life A New Baby Girl

There are so many great tree gift ideas for parents or grandparents of a new baby. You are certainly not limited to my suggestions. You truly have an endless list of possibilities. Whatever tree you choose will be an ideal symbol of life, growth, and beauty. Happy planting to all the parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, and families of new babies! Oh, and congratulations on an amazing accomplishment and journey! Now, go plant a tree for a new baby!

Having a baby and becoming new parents truly marks the beginning of a new phase in your life, and naming your baby inspired by this experience is a good idea indeed. We hope that these names that mean new beginnings will come in handy for you when you welcome your little bundle of joy. We have included names for both girls and boys in this list derived from various cultures, languages, and backgrounds. So scroll through the list and choose the names that attract your attention.

Someone special is about to have a new baby! Congratulations! We know you want the best for your little one. That's why we put together this beautiful gift basket with all of the essentials and some special firsts. It includes a bassinet, shampoo, lotion, photo frame, keepsake boxes for their first haircut and tooth, as well as other items that will make them feel loved from day one.

Give your new bundle of joy everything they need to be happy and healthy in life with our Baby Girl Bassinet Pink New Baby Basket. They'll love it so much they won't even notice how hard you worked on it!

But, back to the prayers for a newborn baby, we hope you realize what a joyous and overwhelming experience a new child is. Whenever a new baby is born, it brings with it the light of Jesus and the hope of fresh beginnings and the awareness of what utter innocence looks like.

God, I ask that this child is always close to You through their entire life. In order for that to happen, my faith must be authentic and passionate. Keep me close to You Lord and allow the relationship we have to deeply impact my precious baby. Amen.

Jesus, You are the reason this baby exists. Thank you for providing life to this child and the opportunity to live in freedom because of Your sacrifice 2,000 years ago. I owe everything to You and I am so utterly thankful for Your presence, power, and love in my life. May this baby know deeply this love You offer. Amen.

Lord, thank you so much for this new life. When I look at this baby I see You. You are radiating out of this child and it is astonishing to witness, I am so lucky to be part of this miracle. Thank you for this blessing. Amen.

Lord, we may not know who this baby will become and all that they will do, but you do. Their future is already known to you and in your hands. I pray that this child will grow closer to you with each passing year, uncovering more and more of the path you already have in store for them. Amen.

God, I pray strongly that the power, love, and guidance of the Holy Spirit follows this baby all their days. May they always be wrapped up in You and Your love. For if this happens, their life will be amazing. Thank you God for this child and for Your love. Amen.

A flower has blossomed! Celebrate a precious new life and commemorate the new mommy and daddy with a special bouquet of roses, lilies, or mixed premium floral designs. Pretty pinks, baby blues, or neutral yellows and greens are all available to ensure you find the perfect selection for celebrating the new bundle of joy!Browse our adorable selection of novelty keepsake containers, and be sure to add an "It's a Boy!", "It's a Girl" or "Congratulations" mylar balloon or box of chocolates for the proud new parents!

While there are benefits to using cloth diapers, homemade baby food, and "mommy and me" classes, if these things take up so much of your time that you aren't taking care of yourself, it's time to reassess.

NARRATOR: You might think all the people on this beach are just workingon their suntans. But beneath all that sunscreen, under the skin, there's afrenzy of activity. Without even thinking about it, almost all the adults hereare busy trying to reproduce. They can't help themselves. The urge to procreateis a fundamental part of life, not just for us but for all life.

It's packed with tiny tubes coiled into bundles. Stretched out they couldcover half a mile. Inside all this tubing, the average man is churning out athousand new sperm every second. That's about a hundred million new sperm everyday and more than two trillion over a lifetime. And here's the tricky part:each and every sperm is one of a kind, carrying a unique genetic package.

SERGIO IRUEGAS: Because here you are and this is what our little girlmight look like. I wonder if the baby will have the characteristic eyebrowsthat come from my father's side of the family. We call them the Iruegaseyebrows.

Waiting for them is the open end of the Fallopian tube, which leads to theuterus. Its tentacles capture the egg and pull it inside. The egg is sweptalong by muscular contractions of the tube, as well as the constant swaying oftiny cilia. The egg has everything it needs to start a new life, except for onething: DNA from a sperm. And it has to get it fast. If the egg is notfertilized within a few hours it will die.

In humans, gastrulation happens deep inside the mother's uterine lining, so itcan't be photographed. But we think it works something like this:theblastocyst creates two oblong bubbles, one on top of the other. Sandwichedbetween them is a thin layer of cells. These are the cells which one day maybecome a baby. At the beginning of gastrulation, some cells begin moving towardthe center. Then they dive downwards, creating a new, lower layer. More cellsplunge through, squeezing in between, forming a third. The cells in the threelayers may not look different, but for each layer, a very different future liesahead.

If all the DNA in a single cell were stretched out, it would be about six feetlong. But it's all wound up very tightly, coiled around balls of protein. For agene to be turned on, something has to come in and loosen up the right section.Then the cell's machinery can latch on and read the DNA, the first step on thelong road to building a protein. Those molecules that can turn genes on play akey role in every aspect of development, including the process that transformsthe embryo into a boy or a girl.

MELINDA TATE IRUEGAS: Well, you kind of wanted to know. We did a weddingring test, where you took a piece of your hair and the wedding band and youhold it over the belly and if it moves one way in a circle, then it's a girl;if it moves in a straight line it's a boy. And that said it was a girl.

Take a look at a seven-week-old embryo. Try to guess what sex it is. Thinkit's a boy? Believe it or not, this is not a penis, at least not yet. It mightbecome one, but it could just as easily turn into a clitoris, the female sexorgan. At this stage boys and girls look exactly alike.

Of course there is one way to tell the difference: look at the chromosomes ina cell from the embryo. One pair among the 23 determines sex. An embryo withtwo X chromosomes usually becomes a girl. If one of those Xs is a Y, it willmost likely be a boy.

Recently, scientists came up with a good idea of how this works. There areonly about 30 genes on the Y chromosome. One of them is called SRY. This geneseems to function just once in a lifetime, late in the sixth week of embryonicdevelopment. And only in one place, the gonad.

NARRATOR:It's no surprise that Melinda might be especially hungry. Thefetus she's carrying has only one source for all the raw materials it needs togrow into a baby: Melinda's blood, which is systematically raided with the helpof the placenta.

SERGIO IRUEGAS: Yeah. One of the first times I did that the baby seemedto move its hand across her belly and kind of touch my lips. Or at least I liketo think it was a hand, saying hello or something.

NARRATOR:Inside Melinda's belly, a remarkable transformation has takenplace, starting with the moment egg and sperm met. Inside the womb, the firstfew weeks are the most dramatic. Later in pregnancy, when the mother's bodyseems to be changing the most, life in the womb can appear, well, a bituneventful.

All the organ systems are in place, so during the last trimester the fetus'smain job is to grow. But a few crucial events are unfolding beneath the skin.Fat deposits are forming, building reserves the baby will rely on after birth.But even more importantly, fat is getting laid down in the brain.

In the sixth month, genes in the brain order the manufacture of a fattysubstance called "myelin," which wraps around the long connections betweenbrain cells. This fatty covering allows nerve impulses to travel up to 100times faster, greatly enhancing brainpower. The process will continue for yearsafter the baby is born.

The brain's hunger for fat in the last trimester puts an enormous strain onthe mother. Over the course of the pregnancy, her body has increased its ownblood supply by about 50 percent, all for the sake of the rapidly growing baby.But late in pregnancy, the baby's need for fat becomes so great the mothercan't keep up. If it stays inside, the baby will begin to starve. Somehow, it'sgot to get out.

MELINDA TATE IRUEGAS: I've only had, like, one anxiety attack. And itwas the moment I was in the bathroom and I just had the thought of, like,"How's this baby going to get out? I just don't think he's going to make itout." And I hadn't really thought about it up until that very moment, where Iwas just like, "No."

NARRATOR:Again and again the uterus contracts as the cervix opens up.The tiny passageway that once allowed the entrance of a single file of spermnow must widen to about four inches to accommodate a baby's head.


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