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Cinderella Man Korean Drama Tagalog Version Full

Cinderella Man: A Korean Drama with a Tagalog Dubbed Version

Cinderella Man is a 2009 South Korean television series starring Kwon Sang-woo and Yoona. It tells the story of a poor and ambitious fashion designer who switches places with his wealthy look-alike, the heir of a fashion empire. The drama explores the themes of identity, love, family, and ambition in the world of high fashion.


The drama was broadcast on MBC from April 15 to June 4, 2009, with a total of 16 episodes. It was also aired in other countries, such as Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. In the Philippines, it was dubbed in Tagalog and aired on GMA Network from August 16 to October 8, 2010.

Plot Summary

Oh Dae-san (Kwon Sang-woo) is a talented but poor fashion designer who runs a small shop in Dongdaemun Market. He dreams of becoming a famous designer and marrying his childhood friend and first love, Jang Se-eun (Han Eun-jung). However, his life changes when he meets Lee Jae-min (also Kwon Sang-woo), the only son and heir of the prestigious Haeshin Group, which owns the top fashion brand in Korea.

Lee Jae-min looks exactly like Oh Dae-san, except for their different hairstyles and clothing styles. They are not related by blood, but they share the same birthday and the same father, who abandoned Dae-san and his mother when he was young. Lee Jae-min is unaware of his half-brother's existence, but he is curious about him and wants to meet him.

Lee Jae-min is engaged to Seo Yu-jin (Yoona), the daughter of a famous fashion designer and the CEO of Yu-jin Fashion. Yu-jin is a smart and independent woman who loves Jae-min sincerely. However, their relationship is strained by Jae-min's cold and arrogant attitude, as well as his mother's opposition.

One day, Lee Jae-min suffers a car accident that leaves him in a coma. His mother, Chairwoman Lee (Kim Min-hee), decides to hide his condition from the public and asks Oh Dae-san to impersonate him until he recovers. She offers him a large sum of money and promises to help him achieve his dream of becoming a designer. Oh Dae-san agrees to the deal, hoping to use the opportunity to improve his life and win Se-eun's heart.

However, things get complicated when Oh Dae-san falls in love with Seo Yu-jin, who is attracted to his warm and kind personality. Meanwhile, Lee Jae-min wakes up from his coma and finds out about the switch. He decides to take revenge on his mother and Dae-san by pretending to be Dae-san and ruining his reputation. He also develops feelings for Se-eun, who is confused by his sudden change of behavior.

As the two men struggle with their identities and their love interests, they also face various challenges from their rivals in the fashion industry, such as Kang Jun-hee (Song Chang-eui), Yu-jin's ex-boyfriend and a talented designer who works for Haeshin Group; and Park Seon-ju (Kim Seong-ryeong), a former model and Jae-min's ex-girlfriend who wants to take over Haeshin Group.

Cast and Characters




Kwon Sang-woo

Oh Dae-san / Lee Jae-min

A poor and ambitious fashion designer who switches places with his wealthy look-alike, the heir of Haeshin Group.


Seo Yu-jin

The daughter of a famous fashion designer and the CEO of Yu-jin Fashion. She is engaged to Lee Jae-min but falls in love with Oh Dae-san.

Han Eun-jung

Jang Se-eun

Oh Dae-san's childhood friend and first love. She is a kind and loyal woman who works as a salesperson at a department store.

Song Chang-eui

Kang Jun-hee

A talented designer who works for Haeshin Group. He is Seo Yu-jin's ex-boyfriend and Oh Dae-san's rival.

Kim Min-hee

Lee Hyun-sook

The chairwoman of Haeshin Group and Lee Jae-min's mother. She is a cold and ruthless woman who will do anything to protect her son and her company.

Kim Seong-ryeong

Park Seon-ju

A former model and Lee Jae-min's ex-girlfriend. She is a greedy and ambitious woman who wants to take over Haeshin Group.

Tagalog Dubbed Version

The Tagalog dubbed version of Cinderella Man was aired on GMA Network from August 16 to October 8, 2010, every Monday to Friday at 10:00 a.m. The dubbing was done by the following voice actors:

  • Kwon Sang-woo as Oh Dae-san / Lee Jae-min: Jefferson Utanes

  • Yoona as Seo Yu-jin: Grace Cornel

  • Han Eun-jung as Jang Se-eun: Marvi Medina

  • Song Chang-eui as Kang Jun-hee: Mark Muñoz

  • Kim Min-hee as Lee Hyun-sook: Nica Rojo

  • Kim Seong-ryeong as Park Seon-ju: Sherwin Revestir

The Tagalog dubbed version was well-received by the Filipino viewers, who enjoyed the romantic comedy and the fashion elements of the drama. Some of the memorable lines from the drama are:

"Ang pag-ibig ay hindi parang damit na pwedeng palitan kung gusto mo." (Love is not like clothes that you can change whenever you want.) - Oh Dae-san to Seo Yu-jin

"Hindi mo ba alam na ang Cinderella ay hindi nagkakaroon ng happy ending?" (Don't you know that Cinderella does not have a happy ending?) - Lee Jae-min to Oh Dae-san

"Ang tunay na pagmamahal ay hindi nakikita sa itsura, kundi sa puso." (True love is not seen in appearance, but in the heart.) - Jang Se-eun to Lee Jae-min

Where to Watch

If you are interested in watching Cinderella Man, you can find the original Korean version with English subtitles on various online platforms, such as [Viki], [Dramacool], and [Kissasian]. You can also watch the Tagalog dubbed version on [Bilibili], where you can find all 16 episodes uploaded by WinterHanami. You can also follow WinterHanami on [Facebook] for more updates on Korean dramas.

We hope you enjoy this article and the drama. Please share your thoughts and comments below. Thank you for reading!


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