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Enter Password For The Encrypted File Setup Product Design Suite 2009 Activation __EXCLUSIVE__

This issue comprised multiple root causes and resolutions: 1) It was found that an issue existed which involved Case Sensitivity when creating the personal Key File for a user. The personal Key File is used for RME / RMCE encryption. In the rare case where a user would have an upper case user id, the client would create the personal key using a lower case userid. This would cause an issue where the client incorrectly invalidated the userID due to the case sensitivity mismatch. The underlying result was that the cached credential could then become duplicated in SDSpace, thus preventing password sync from working as designed. This would result in the user not being able to login offline at Pre-boot. 2) It was found that in the case where a shared system (such as a loaner machine or a machine in a call center) contained many user accounts cached in windows (in some cases could be many hundreds) the system (if configured in the profile) would fill up the available boot slots with as many users as it can during registration. The default is 40 boot slots. The issue that was found, was that as new users logon to the system, the expected design was that new users would replace the oldest users in the boot slots, thus enabling the new users to authenticate at pre-boot. This design was not functioning, and new users were not getting cached on the system. 3) It was found that in a specific situation where the user is offline at pre-boot, and offline at windows until they connect via VPN, that the client was only trying to cache the user at the initial start of windows. If the user took some time to connect to the VPN, the user would not get cached. This issue has been resolved and the system will continue to check for a connection to the SES server in order to cache the user. Solution: All issues have been resolved and a HF was made available on request for 8.5 SR1. This release note is to notify that this fix has also been fully incorporated into Version 8.6.

Enter Password For The Encrypted File Setup Product Design Suite 2009 Activation



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