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Where To Buy Spirulina For Smoothies

Awesome! I use use the same brand. Wizelephant combines chlorella and spirulina in one and the powder quality seems superb, great texture and such a vibrant color. Awesome smoothie recipe indeed, thaks for that ;)

where to buy spirulina for smoothies


Never tried Spirulina before but this green smoothie seems really healthy and well suited as summer approaches ! As I work in an events company in London where the food/cooking events category is quite popular, I am becoming more aware about eating homecooked meals with healthy products. I will definitely make this smoothie to sip on my way to work!

This delicious green spirulina smoothie is loaded with nutrients and masks the unique taste of spirulina with whole food ingredients. It's dairy free, gluten free, can easily be vegan, and is an absolute must-make!

Hi ChristalSingle, Senior, aiming to adjust aspects of my living : Diet , Exercise, Nutrition.Ongoing problems with the effort is making these recipes for one.If I follow these smoothies can I make one at a time, or save second for later,

These smoothies are great! I have also found that if you take 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses and add it too any spiralina smoothie, it somehow counteracts the taste and tastes delicious. Black strap molasses is a great source of B12 and other minerals also.

Thank you for this recipe! I went crazy and bought spirulina not knowing how to use it. I made it into a smoothie and it was horrible! Your recipe has healed me from the trauma. The pineapple and mango made a WORLD of difference.

Enjoyed this after a workout and my husband and I loved it! It was refreshing, the flavor was on point and we most especially liked the addition of zucchini and spirulina; such a delicious and nutritious boost in smoothie form.

I made this glowing green spirulina smoothie with no intention of taking pictures. When I blended the ingredients (without measuring the ingredients of course), I discovered this beautiful mermaid color! I knew I had to share it here.

Simply add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth and creamy. For best results, add the liquid and blue spirulina powder first, then any greens, and last the frozen fruit and other mix-ins.

The benefits of blue spirulina are still being studied, but it is packed with nutrients and has many benefits to your health. Many people use green and blue spirulina as a way to boost their immune system when sick or even simply to help prevent illness.

Spirulina is high in B vitamins (although not B12 since the type provided is not well absorbed by humans) and a complete protein source meaning it contains all the essential amino acids. 1 tablespoon of spirulina powder provides 4g of protein.

Adding spirulina powder to a smoothie helps mask its sea flavour and, at the same time, make the drink look more aesthetically appealing. You can mix the supplement into any smoothies you like, but its flavour goes best with sweet and fruity smoothies. So the next time you make a smoothie, try sprinkling about 1 tsp (5 g) of spirulina powder into the mixture before blending. This will give the drink a deep, dark green colour, but the flavour will be covered up by sugar and fruit.

The best fruits to mix with spirulina are pineapple, banana, orange, and mango, but you can also go for any other sweet and ripe fruit. This method works just as well for smoothie bowls, and adding spirulina powder will only boost their antioxidant, electrolyte, vitamin, and mineral content.

Another tasty trick is to sprinkle some spirulina powder into your juice to give it a nutritional boost. Just like with smoothies, you will need to mix the juice with 1 tsp (5 g) of spirulina powder and shake it to dissolve the powder. This will make the drink turn a dark green colour, but the fruity flavours will still shine through.

Adding spirulina to matcha is another delicious option! Matcha is a delicious drink known for its antioxidant effects and vibrant green colour. And combining it with spirulina turns it into a superdrink! Sprinkle about 1/2 tsp of spirulina into a small serving of matcha or a full tsp (5 g) into a large one. The hot liquid will quickly dissolve the powder, and the flavours will blend well together.

For example, this recipe calls for 12-15 ounces of almond or coconut milk, but the perfect amount is based on your preferences. If you like to sip your smoothies and prefer them on the thinner side, go ahead and add all 15 ounces. However, if you prefer to make thicker smoothie bowls, stick closer to 12 ounces.

Also, for even thicker smoothies feel free to add a scoop of your favorite protein powder or chia seeds! To reduce the amount of ingredients needed, you can even opt for a protein powder with spirulina included. Nutrex is my favorite.

You can mix spirulina with other fruits and veggies like mango, pineapple, strawberries, oranges, blueberries, raspberries, pear, kale, avocado, cucumbers, hemp seeds, almond or peanut butter, and vegan protein powder of choice. Instead of water, you can use any non-dairy milk like almond milk, cashew milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. Also, you can add your preferred sweetener: maple syrup, agave syrup, date syrup, or stevia to make your smoothie extra sweet.

Did you try this weight-loss-friendly green spirulina smoothie? If you tried it, please rate it, leave a comment below, and share your photo on Instagram with the tag @go_eatgreen and hashtag it #go_eatgreen. I would love to see your pictures and your comments just make my day!

I had a delicious smoothie with almond butter, a spirulina cube, and a few other (secret) ingredients that blew my mind! It was light, easy to go down, and the compact size of the spirulina cube encouraged me think about other ways to utilize it for my doula clients. Recently, in connecting with a few elders of my community, I realized this product would be great to share amongst the older adult population as well. I look forward to sharing these spirulina cubes with my community, as we address nutrition education. Great product, thanks for the suggestion Marc.

The product arrived quickly and frozen. I successfully used this product in three smoothies so far, and they tasted great. Further, I have added spriulina to salad dressing and hummus (using the hummus recipe on the website) and both were quite tasty. I highly recommend!

I have used dried spirulina powders for years out of it being the only option on the market. We are the new farmers is a game changer w/ both their fresh spread and ice cubes for my smoothies. I love their products and can not wait to see what they continue to do.

Our spirulina cubes pack our locally-grown, fresh frozen spirulina into a smoothie-ready format. The perfect blend of mild taste, creamy texture, and dense micronutrients to supercharge any favorite smoothie recipe.

The nutrient base that supports everything you do. Our spirulina cubes pack our locally-grown, fresh-frozen spirulina into a smoothie-ready format. The perfect blend of mild taste, creamy texture, and dense micronutrients to supercharge any favorite smoothie recipe.

This recipe makes one of my favorite vegan green smoothies and is perfect for making a delicious smoothie bowl. It is incredibly easy to whip up and uses delicious fruit, plant-based milk, and organic spirulina powder.

I like to add a scoop to my recipes and make spirulina smoothies, oatmeal or chia seed pudding. If you're feeling extra creative, you can use it in baking and cooking as well, and make beautiful pancakes, cakes, cookies, and more!

What does it taste like? If you use a lot of spirulina powder, it can have a bit of an ocean-like taste. I use about half of a teaspoon so I get a great pop of color and very little, if any taste from it.

Spirulina has pain-relief, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and brain-protective properties. It also contains a powerful plant-based protein called phycocyanin. Due to the rich vitamins and minerals spirulina contains, it is also good for the immune system.

Let spirulina, the deep-sea toxin magnet, help you sail into summer happy and slim! One of the most popular supplements out there, this blue-green algae is chock full of vitamins and nutrients that can promote weight loss, stimulate energy, and boost immunity. We love spirulina powder because you can add it to a smoothie to make it even more delicious and healthy. Read on for more spirulina perks, plus three smoothie recipes.

Often added to smoothies in powdered form, spirulina gets its vibrant hue from chlorophyll, a plant pigment that binds to damaging toxins and ferries them out of the body. Indeed, scientists found that a chlorophyll-rich diet slashes toxins stored in fat cells, instantly shrinking fat stores.

This superfood brims with a powerful antioxidant (phycocyanin) that collects and disposes of damaging free radicals before they can cause the cellular inflammation linked to weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes. In fact, Korean scientists found that a daily dose of spirulina can reduce levels of key inflammatory markers.

Try this delicious and healthy blue smoothie bowl, packed full of goodness, no sacrifice on taste! This spirulina bowl is bright & bold with yum toppings that can be adapted to your taste and preferences. YUM VEGAN!

I am not one for supplements. I hate pills, distrust drugs and pharmaceutical companies, and believe in getting my nutrients the old-fashioned way, by eating plant-based foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. But when the Fresh Farm folks sent me over a large canister of spirulina cubes (essentially frozen iced cubes of dense-packed spirulina algae), I decided this was not pill-popping or some intense powdery substance, but a natural way to figure out if spirulina is worth all the hype.

Spirulina is a blue-green alga loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, and first discovered by the Aztecs in ancient times. The Aztecs called it tecuitlatl and harvested it from Lake Texcoco, where the French discovered it in the 1960s. Spirulina is a potent source of the powerful antioxidant phycocyanobilin, which helps fight aging and inflammation in the body. 041b061a72


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