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Christian Cook
Christian Cook

MadCar 3: A Flexible and Powerful Solution for Vehicle Simulation in 3ds Max

i need to upload my final render of my game. its a minigame in which you have to pass through checkpoints. each checkpoint has two wheels: one is just spinning while the other rotates. they are in the opposite directions so you have to make the car rotate in the opposite direction of the other wheel at the same time that the spinning wheel moves in the same direction as the car.

3ds Max Plugins Madcar 3

the animation controls are attached to the wheels. there is a button on the side of each wheel that can make the car spin. there is a blue bar on the car to control whether or not the wheels are spinning. a "reset" button also appears on the side of the car. to begin the game, you click the reset button and the car starts in motion..

with this plugin, you can easily create not just car models, but you can also create any kind of animated character, that can interact with your player and the environment in 3d, such as for example, a mouse or a little robot. another very interesting feature of this plugin is that it allows you to make loops in your character by the way in which you move the control sticks - simply press the right button and then the left button. and you can change its look with the help of skins that you can obtain from their download page. this plugin is completely free, so i highly recommend to read the news from the creators about the recent updates. you can read about them and download the latest versions at the page:

clonemodifier is a plugin for 3ds max, which was developed by the studio krasovroikets studio . thanks to it, you can quickly create clones and interact with them in the 3d viewport. in the latest version of clonemodifier, you can have multiple different replicas of the same object - it means that it can be used not only for cars, but also for different weapons or tools. thanks to its central role, it is a very complete and multifunctional plugin. i definitely recommend you to take a look at its news, in which you will find the latest developments:


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