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Killjoy (Valorant Agent)

Killjoy is а VALORANT agent that specializes in crowd control through gadgets, bots, and marvels of engineering. Alarmbot and Nanoswarm allow Killjoy to deploy tools that seek out and damage targets or explode to deal damage from a covert state. Her Turret, on the other hand, can be placed at a critical area on the map, such as Spike plant sites, behind corners, or other strategical positions to deal damage to enemies in its range.

Killjoy (Valorant Agent)


VALORANT has once again been patched with its 1.04 update, but the developers are already building hype for its next big patch in early August with a tease of the game's 12th agent, codenamed Killjoy. After the recent patch, Split's high-tech sneaker shop near A-site has been given a decorative change: a cardboard cutout of the new agent with a poster prominently displaying Killjoy.

We have wind-powered, knife-slinging assassins. We have smoky purple monsters that can teleport across the map. We even have a vampiress with VALORANT's latest agent in Reyna. Killjoy, he is, well, a gigantic nerd. In the recent patch update, voice lines from the ensemble cast were added to the game, a few of them referencing the newest agent.

The cardboard cutout isn't the only thing added to the sneaker shop on Split. Beside the cutout of Killjoy is a poster with a gigantic "4" prominent on the top of it. Though the VALORANT developers already said that the release of a new agent should be every two months at the beginning of a new Act, the "4" teased in Killjoy's Easter Egg lines up with the supposed start date of Act 2 on Aug. 4. Act 2 is expected to run until the second week of October where the final chapter of Episode I: Ignition will begin. Coupled with Killjoy's entrance, Act 2 will bring a new Battle Pass to VALORANT players.

Riot Games has revealed the patch notes for Valorant update 6.03 and the main talking points are a few big nerfs to Killjoy, who has become one of the top agents since the massive nerfs to Chamber over the last few patches.

The other agent that sees some changes in this patch is Raze, and more specifically her Boom Bot. The duration of the ability has been halved, from 10 seconds down to just five, meaning it can no longer be used just to patrol an area for a while.

Valorant Act 2 will start on August 4, and Riot Games has confirmed the new season will introduce a brand-new agent: Killjoy. She's quite different from all the previous agents in Valorant with object-based abilities similar to Torbjorn in Overwatch. Here's what you need to know about this new contender.

What are Killjoy's abilities? Like all agents of Valorant, Killjoy has access to several unique abilities to help turn the tide of a fight. Her abilities mainly utilize items or weapons, like Overwatch's Torbjorn.

While Killjoy's abilities do their fair share of damage, she also seems to be great and supporting allies or debuffing enemies to turn the tide of a battle at key moments. This is a very unique playstyle when compared to any other Valorant agent. Hopefully, future agents can maintain this level of creativity going forward.

Valorant's newest agent to join the roster is Killjoy, a German operative that thrives on technology and mechanized mayhem. Killjoy joins the Valorant roster on August 4, but we have a rundown on her abilities and a trailer today. If you're looking for an option with area-denial capabilities, Killjoy might be the one for you.

Riot Games' Valorant is gearing up for Act II, starting August 4th. Joining the party for the summer launch will be the new agent Killjoy, whom you just met in the teaser trailer above. Known as "the genius of Germany, Killjoy effortlessly secures key battlefield positions with her arsenal of inventions. If their damage doesn't take her enemies out, the debuff her robots provide will make short work of them."

Killjoy is a Sentinel agent that can lock down sites all by herself. Her abilities are some of the most useful in Valorant, although sometimes they lack because of their limited range. But if you know how to play around with Killjoy's abilities, then you'll be able to climb even to Radiant. That's why here we'll take a look at a guide on how to play Killjoy!

Sentinel agents are literal gods in defending, especially Killjoy. You may have to learn some Killjoy setups, but basically, you'll have to place your Turret somewhere it can detect the enemies anywhere on the site. Then place the Alarmbot on another opening that the enemies may enter and place your Nanoswarms either on openings or usual plant spots.

However, one thing is clear: Killjoy remarkably impacts the Valorant meta and has redefined what it means to be a top agent in the game. Her ability to control the battlefield and surprise opponents has made her a top priority for many teams, and her popularity is still growing. It will be interesting to see how the meta develops and evolves in the future, but Killjoy remains a dominant force in professional Valorant play.

VALORANT has been out for almost two months now. It has a blossoming esports scene and the 11 agents at launch provide a variety of ways to enjoy the game. Finally, Riot Games has announced the 12th agent set to do battle, Killjoy. She comes loaded with a plethora of useful utility sure to disrupt anyone on the enemy team.

Remember in Closed Beta when Raze was everyone's "OP" punching bag? Well, Killjoy has stolen that title and may even sport it better than Raze ever did. Riot even commented on Raze's hate and tried to convince the VALORANT community that Raze wasn't as viable at top-level play as she was at lesser levels. While I don't think Riot was being disingenuous, they were mistaken, as Raze has seen tons of top-level play. We saw Raze make many appearances in the WePlay! VALORANT Invitational and the agent pick stats from Radiant ranks speak for themselves.

Now that I have used my expert journalism skills to convince you to think just like me, I, at least, give you the reasons I feel that way. Let's take a look at what Killjoy does to be a complete killjoy.

Next up for basic abilities is an Alarmbot, which costs 200 credits. The Alarmbot goes covert after being thrown and activates once an enemy walks in its radius of activation; it can also be picked back up to redeploy. If the Alarmbot explodes on an enemy, it will apply the Vulnerable debuff instead of dealing damage. The Vulnerable debuff makes it so that agents with it take double damage while the debuff is active.

Riot Games has been teasing a new agent for the 5v5 team fighter Valorant since June. Recently they finally introduced the twelfth agent to join the game, Killjoy. She comes highly anticipated, but fans have concerns that Killjoy may be too OP.

Update: After letting the cat out of the bag a bit early, Riot has now officially unveiled Valorant (opens in new tab)'s next agent: Killjoy. We already knew about all of her abilities from the leak, which you can read below, but now you can see them in action in the trailer.

Original story: Thanks to someone at Riot tripping and pressing a big red button, we have our first official look at Valorant's next agent: the turret-toting Killjoy. An introductory page written from Killjoy's perspective was briefly live on Riot's website with full explanations of their abilities.

As one of the more versatile and damage-oriented sentinels on the VALORANT roster, Killjoy is all about locking down sites and chokes while maintaining a high threat level. If gathering intel while still having relatively high kill potential is part of your repertoire, Killjoy is the agent for you.

Valorant can be a tough but rewarding game to get into, due to its reliance on teamwork and tough, tactical battles. Anyone wanting to jump in at the start of Act 2 will probably at least have a new agent to start from scratch with at the same time as everyone else, meaning August could be a good time to see what all the fuss is about.

For example, when we look at their Haven attacks, Envy often looks like they've backed themselves into a corner picking two sentinels - Cypher and Killjoy. However, don't let that presumption fool you. They can play an incredibly strong post-plant setup, but the difficulty is getting the spike safely onto a site. Two Omen smokes limit the angles you can shut down. Jett is primarily in the back wielding the Operator, so she can't assist as a secondary smoke agent. Omen and Phoenix have their flashbangs respectively, but the big absence here is the lack of offensive information gaining tools. That said, they find ways to overcome this.

The image is not only the first confirmed agent-on-agent romance in the series, but Raze and Killjoy are also the first confirmed LGBTQ+ agents in VALORANT as well. Riot are no strangers to showing that love in love in their titles, as multiple League of Legends champions have also been confirmed to be in LGBTQ+ relationships in the past.

A game-breaking bug was discovered by Riot, causing the Valorant dev team to disable Killjoy in-game. The developers are currently working on a fix, and there is no word on when the agent will be enabled again. The bug in question allows players to place turrets below the maps which caused players to exploit the unintended mechanic in matches.

Killjoy players were able to protect bombsites or zone out any part of the map without letting enemies see her turret. The bug was posted online by many players on social media websites and the official forums. It turns out that the exploit was specific to a spot in Haven. In the Garage area, placing a turret underground would enable players to zone opponents out. While there is counterplay to the exploit, the Valorant developers decided to disable the agent temporarily. 041b061a72


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