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Christian Cook
Christian Cook

Whos Harbouring The Wasabi !

Transfer to a large chopping board and then cut each pancake into 4 or 6 triangular pieces. Arrange on a serving plate and then drizzle over the miso-wasabi mayo. Sprinkle the ao-nori powder over the top and serve.

Who’s Harbouring the Wasabi !

Next up is yuzu, a citrus fruit from East Asia with grapefruit and mandarin notes, followed by apricot and wasabi, the fruitiness amplified by a peppery heat that's almost imperceptible. "It can be too subtle," Curley says. We finish with a mustard and tarragon truffle. "Tarragon has aniseed notes," he explains, "and aniseed has always worked well. I've got books from the 1800s where people have mixed aniseed in chocolate drinks. Cardamom, too, has been used in chocolate for decades, and chilli."

A collection of colourful recycled shipping containers sit immobile by the side of the road, seemingly innocuous but harbouring secrets within. An unexpected oasis of life and livelihood, step inside and you are stepping into a parallel universe of living walls, LED lights and futuristic technology. You are entering the indoor farming movement.

Chi Kinjo was designed to look like a back-alley izakaya set in an era of chaos in Kyoto, with a hidden bar harbouring a secret love story. The most recent of the four concept bars by the Coterie Concepts group, it elevates storytelling into an integral aspect of the dining experience.


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