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For the protection of our customers, Apple doesn't disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until an investigation has occurred and patches or releases are generally available. This document lists recent releases.


Note: The following table displays data for the 20 most recently auctioned securities that have not yet matured, for each security type. If you would like to see data for additional securities, please use our Auction Query.

CTI is the first-of-its-kind public-private partnership aimed at recruiting and training a world-class cybersecurity workforce. The program is a selective opportunity for recent graduates of cybersecurity-related fields to gain vital experience.

Have you just graduated from college? Congrats! CISA offers paid developmental experiences intended to promote possible careers in the civil service to individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs.t

Section 1. Policy. The Federal Government benefits from a diverse workforce that includes students and recent graduates, who infuse the workplace with their enthusiasm, talents, and unique perspectives. The existing competitive hiring process for the Federal civil service, however, is structured in a manner that, even at the entry level, favors job applicants who have significant previous work experience. This structure, along with the complexity of the rules governing admission to the career civil service, creates a barrier to recruiting and hiring students and recent graduates. It places the Federal Government at a competitive disadvantage compared to private-sector employers when it comes to hiring qualified applicants for entry-level positions.

To compete effectively for students and recent graduates, the Federal Government must improve its recruiting efforts; offer clear paths to Federal internships for students from high school through post-graduate school; offer clear paths to civil service careers for recent graduates; and provide meaningful training, mentoring, and career-development opportunities. Further, exposing students and recent graduates to Federal jobs through internships and similar programs attracts them to careers in the Federal Government and enables agency employers to evaluate them on the job to determine whether they are likely to have successful careers in Government.

Accordingly, pursuant to my authority under 5 U.S.C. 3302(1), and in order to achieve a workforce that represents all segments of society as provided in 5 U.S.C. 2301(b)(1), I find that conditions of good administration (specifically, the need to promote employment opportunities for students and recent graduates in the Federal workforce) make necessary an exception to the competitive hiring rules for certain positions in the Federal civil service.

Sec. 4. Recent Graduates Program. The Recent Graduates Program shall provide individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs with developmental experiences in the Federal Government intended to promote possible careers in the civil service. The following principles and policies shall govern the Recent Graduates Program:

The Recent Graduates Program affords developmental experiences in the Federal Government intended to promote possible careers in the civil service to individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs. To be eligible, applicants must apply within two years of degree or certificate completion (except for veterans precluded from doing so due to their military service obligation, who have up to six years after degree completion to apply). Successful applicants are placed in a dynamic, developmental program with the potential to lead to a civil service career in the Federal Government. The program lasts for 1 year (unless the training requirements of the position warrant a longer and more structured training program). Here are some key provisions of the Recent Graduates Program.

NIDDK Recent Advances & Emerging Opportunities is a report that the NIDDK has issued annually since 2001. It is a compendium that highlights examples of the many research advances published by NIDDK-funded scientists and their colleagues in the most recent fiscal year, along with the technologies that made these achievements possible. Thus, most of the research findings described in the January 2023 compendium were published in fiscal year 2022. In addition to research advances, the compendium includes:

The destruction and forecast error associated with TCs that undergo RI has inspired new research on whether RI frequency will be altered due to climate change. A recent statistical-dynamical downscaling study found that the number of TCs that undergo RI before U.S. landfall is projected to significantly increase in the late 21st century compared to the late 20th century5. A separate study involving climate change simulations produced by a high-resolution global climate model (GCM) projected a dramatic increase in the global incidence of RI due to global warming6. The agreement in these two studies with different methodologies as well as the theoretical backing by a third study7 suggests we should investigate whether climate change has already increased the probability of TCs rapidly intensifying. An anthropogenically forced signal in recent observational data would provide evidence that these model projections are well-grounded and therefore, substantial coastal mitigation and adaptation strategies would be required in the near future.

Here, we build on these results by evaluating Atlantic and global TC intensification trends using different metrics and additional observational datasets. We focus primarily on the Atlantic basin because it is the basin with the most consistent high-quality observations. There are currently no published findings on global trends in TC intensity changes, so these results are also included to provide a more comprehensive perspective. To separate anthropogenic trends and normal climate fluctuations, we use a state-of-the-art coupled GCM, the high-resolution forecast-oriented low ocean resolution model (HiFLOR). Specifically, we simulate the year-to-year variations in TC intensification from a suite of HiFLOR multicentury experiments that serve as a proxy for natural climate variability and compare the magnitude of the trends in the simulated climate to those in observations . The recent increase in high-intensification rates in the Atlantic basin is outside the range of normal climate variability defined by HiFLOR, which suggests anthropogenic forcing increases the likelihood of TCs rapidly intensifying.

Thus far, TC intensification trend analysis has exclusively focused on International Best-Track Archive for Climate Stewardship17 (IBTrACS) data (Methods), which likely adds systematic biases to published results. IBTrACS is composed of TC best-track data from different operational agencies whose TC intensity observations became more reliable when global satellite coverage was introduced in the early 1980s (except for the Indian Ocean which did not gain continuous satellite coverage until 1998)18. Over much of the globe, satellite data quality has improved through increasing resolution and decreasing view angles, which enhances the accuracy of the most recent intensity estimates. The recent addition of more in situ measurements in the Atlantic and the East Pacific leads to lower errors in these basins, which results in additional spatial and temporal inhomogeneities in the observations19.

Supplementary Figure 2 shows the annual RI ratio of the two observational datasets plotted against each other. In the Atlantic basin, 35.7% of the variance in IBTrACS RI ratio is explained by ADT-HURSAT RI ratio. For the global data, the percentage explained drops to 1.8%, further highlighting the lack of agreement between the two observational datasets at global scales. The variations in the slope of RI ratio among the global observations as well as the lack of a published theory23 that explains the source of a significant positive slope in global TC intensification metrics highlight the uncertainty in the global results. Conversely, the recent uptick in intense TCs and RI magnitude in the Atlantic basin appears more plausible because of the AMO shifting phase.

President Biden and Governor Newsom declared a state of emergency throughout California in response to the recent winter storms. These declarations mean residents and businesses in California who have been affected by severe winter storms, flooding, and mudslides are eligible for tax relief.

Below are summaries of the legislative and regulatory changes recently made to the Political Reform Act (Act). All the legislative provisions take effect on January 1, 2023, except for AB 2158, AB 2528, SB 459, SB 746, and a small portion of SB 1360 which were written to become operative at later dates or not at all as noted in the bill summaries below. All the regulatory changes were approved by the Commission in 2022.

To view the full text of the bills, visit: To view the full text of the FPPC regulations, visit: -law/fppc-regulations.html. A printable summary of all of the recent legislative and regulatory changes can be found on the New Law Fact Sheet.

More than 19,600 people have been arrested during the recent wave of anti-government protests in Iran, according to Human Rights Activists in Iran, a group that's been tracking the crackdown. AP hide caption

Khamenei "agreed to offer amnesty and reduce the sentences of tens of thousands accused and convicted in the recent incidents," the state-run IRNA news agency said in a Farsi report. A later IRNA report carried by its English-language service said the pardons and commuted sentences were for "tens of thousands of convicts, including the arrestees of the recent riots in Iran." Authorities did not immediately acknowledge the discrepancy in the reports.

You might have known you were abused for a very long or only recently learnt or understood what happened to you. Whether the abuse happened once or hundreds of times, a year or 70 years ago, whatever the circumstances, there's support to help you. It's never too late. 041b061a72


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