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Frasier - Season 3 Episo... !FREE!

The third season of Frasier originally aired from September 19, 1995, to May 21, 1996, on NBC, consisting a total of 24 episodes. This season was mostly directed by Philip Charles MacKenzie (17 episodes). It also featured the episode, "Moon Dance", the first episode in the series to be directed by Kelsey Grammer.

Frasier - Season 3 Episo...

In the season premiere, new KACL station manager Kate Costas makes her presence felt and banishes Frasier and Roz to the overnight shift after he refuses her suggestion to do theme shows. Eventually, they compromise, and their combative relationship soon turns into one of lust before Kate resigns and moves to Chicago.

Niles also becomes separated from Maris during this season, which is further cause for a continuing story arc. Daphne likewise begins to have a more serious love life, meeting a charming gentleman named Joe DeCarlo. 041b061a72


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