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Textbook Of Pharmacognosy By C K Kokate __TOP__

This subject is designed to provide students with knowledge of the medicinal uses of drugs of natural origin. The field of pharmacognosy has constantly benefited from the multifaceted information that takes into account different facets of natural drugs, such as history, alternative medicinal systems, classification, morphology, identification, cultivation, collection, production, and utilization of drugs; adulteration of drugs of natural origin; evaluation of drugs by their physical, chemical, and biological properties and trade and utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants and their contribution to national economies.

textbook of pharmacognosy by c k kokate

This textbook contains all the topics that are prescribed by PCI for the diploma first-year syllabus. They describe the biological source, geographical origin, organoleptic character, chemical constituents and uses of various plants. Besides this, they describe the history and scope of pharmacognosy, collection and preparation of natural drugs for market and pharmacological grouping of natural drug.


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